Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Choose the Perfect Appetizer Recipes For a Party

Appetizer recipes that are wisely and thoughtfully chosen for a party will make a positive lasting impression on the guests. Be thoughtful and creative, but at the same time not worried or stressed. Consider these points when planning an appetizer party menu:
Environmental Conditions - Take into consideration the time of year and the weather conditions while planning appetizer recipes. Will the party be outside on a hot summer day, or inside a cold air-conditioned room? Temperature can play a huge part in what foods are chosen as they may need to sit out for hours during a party. People naturally crave cool and crisp foods in the summer and warm comfort foods in the winter. Thinking about weather and season when planning an appetizer menu is important.
Food Preferences and Personalities - Knowing the guests' food preferences and personalities is another key aspect when planning a party menu. Serving a rough and tumble crowd Buffalo wings instead of baked brie may be a wise decision. If the crowd is largely vegetarian, then making sure there is an array of innovative veggie based appetizers is a must. Taking an overall look at the personality and food preferences of the group will help immensely when planning the appetizer spread.

Theme - It is fun to set a theme to a party and this should be reflected in the appetizer recipes chosen. Pick Mexican appetizers for a fiesta themed gathering, or Caribbean inspired dishes for a tropical theme. Setting a theme around a specific food category by having a cheese party or seafood party is a great idea as well. Having a theme incorporated into the party and appetizer recipes adds fun and creativity to the gathering.
Accompaniments - Considering what beverages or other food items will be served along with the appetizer recipes is a good idea. For a wine tasting party, serving appetizers that compliment wine is extremely important. If a large dinner is being served after the appetizers then make sure the recipes are not too filling or that they don't use aspects of the main course. Planning around what items will be accompanying the appetizers will ensure that they compliment the event perfectly.
Planning appetizer recipes for a party or get together can be a fun and creative experience. Taking these key points into consideration while doing the planning will make for a perfect party and happy guests every time.
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